Delivery solutions

Our delivery bikes & scooters are specially equipped for carrying heavy loads. Whether you want your packages delivered by Cargo- Bike or Bike trailer. Or you are carrying food across town on a delivery scooter. We have what you need.


  • 24h road side assistance
  • 48h replacement vehicle
  • On site repair
  • Track & trace for scooter
  • 24h 7/7 road side assistance
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Top quality
  • Tailor made


Delivery bike

Our zZoomer Delivery E-bike outperforms all existing delivery bikes because of its super powerful battery and intelligent drive train. Our E-bike no longer is slowed down by a chain, a belt keeps it moving more swiftly. Low maintenance, low cost and high performance finally meet. Enjoy zZoomer’s E-bike for more and faster deliveries!

  • Standard 13Ah battery (optional 16Ah)
  • Belt drive
  • Supported up to 25 km/h
  • Extra strong, extra solid frame and parts

Delivery scooter

A zZoomer outperforms any combustion engine scooter.. Their performance, consumption and efficiency are much higher due to the unique drive train technology:

  • Zero emission
  • Quiet
  • Time saving
  • Economical
  • Safety

It pays off.