Why electric?

Electric mobility can help your company create a sustainable image. It is a low-maintenance product that helps you get from a to b better, faster and more eco-friendly than its petrol based counterparts. No more filling up at petrol stations, strolling through traffic and easily parking your 2 wheel solution right next to where you need to be. We estimate your energy cost can decline by 90% when switching to electric vehicles for your activities.

Our full service care-free
sustainable mobility solutions
will make you win time and money.


All city center logistics has to
be 0 emmision by 2025

The European environmental agency reports 400.000 people a year die because of traffic based emissions in cities across Europe. European cities are taking actions to make their cities more life-sized, and healthier for its inhabitants.

Traffic based emissions are responsible for 19% of all CO² emissions today. Rethinking transport by shifting towards sustainable mobility solutions could therefor drastically impact our environmental footprint”.

Traffic jams are growing year on year

Therefore the demand of alternative transport is growing rapidly.
Large structural traffic jams are resulting in even bigger traffic jams. 2019 already counts 10 traffic jams over 365 km length.

“48% of all mopeds sold in 2019 are electrified”*

Sales of electric scooters are skyrocketing since their debut 5 years ago. Today they are representing a sales volume of 20.000 vehicles/year.

Car-free city centers

Today Belgium is counting 5 cities with a car-free city center. Gent, Mechelen, Brussels, Antwerp and Leuven. And we expect more will join this club.


Our FULL SERVICE mobility solutions
are time-saving

zZoomer is the only partner to offer a full service solution for 2 wheel mobility. Our mobile service vehicle comes to you. Services and repairs your vehicles when needed.

Our electrical solutions are more
cost efficient than its petrol based counterparts

“48% of all mopeds sold in 2019 are electrified”*

What do you save?

10.000 km

25.000 km

Classic transport
Electric transport
Your profit

Total classic cost

€ 900 gas
€ 4.015 maintenance; write-off, wear, insurance

Total Zzoomer cost

€ 657  electricity

€ 3.453 zZoomer lease incl. sign up, maintenance, replacement vehicle, insurance, (co-)branding, vest &. Helmet

€ 805
your profit

Based on 15.000 km/year